How Happy Are Your Employees?

Most managers don't know how their team members are feeling right now, let alone how they were feeling three months ago.

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How It Works

Unicornmood adapts to your organization and integrates with the tools you already use and love.

Questionnaires go out to your employees via email or chat message.

Reduce turnover by ensuring every employee is heard!

Thursday Questionnaire

Every Thursday your employees fill out our questionnaire. It’s simple to use, unobtrusive, anonymous and fun!

Monday Report

Every Monday, your managers receive a freshly crafted report, with meaningful feedback from their team members.

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Give your employees the opportunity to voice their feelings and concerns anonymously.

You Remain in Control

Our dashboard allows you to compare your teams and see if your managers need additional guidance or training.

Your Managers

Give your decision makers and leaders the information they need to be PROactive instead of REactive. Use the data on your employees’ happiness levels to keep your managers accountable.

Save Money

Increase retention rates and avoid costly recruiting and training endeavors. Happy employees are loyal to their company!

Attract New Hires

Get a clear indication of your employees’ happiness and help promote your workplace to new hires.

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